Vittorio Cuculo


Born in Rome on 10-2-1993, he graduated in jazz saxophone in October 2017 at the Siena Jazz University, first level three-year period and in March 2021 at the II level two-year jazz course at the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, under the guidance of master Santoloci.

For three years he was part, as a percussionist, of the JuniOrchestra, the Youth Orchestra of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome.

He attended the seminars of Nuoro Jazz, Otranto Jazz, Orsara Jazz, winning several scholarships, including one for the Berklee college of music in Boston.

In 2014, he took part in the “Concertone” on May 1st in Rome in Piazza S. Giovanni, together with a group of young saxophonists, with the participation of Stefano Di Battista, directed by maestro Santoloci.

He was part of the National Orchestra of young jazz talents, directed by Paolo Damiani, with which he performed in various events in Italy, France, Belgium. He was part of the New Talent Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Mario Corvini, resident orchestra at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, with which he participated in various events and also recorded CDs.

Winner of the YouMe European scholarship, Young Musicians Play Europe, he played in quartet at the Warsaw festival and at the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

Furthermore, with the Siena jazz Quintet he took part in the international contest in Amsterdam, reaching the final.

In 2018, with his quartet he played the Be Bop mood project in Russia, at the Delta jazz festival, performing in the Astrakhan opera house.

In 2019, he recorded his first recording project BETWEEN, for Alfamusic in Rome, with the Vittorio Cuculo Jazz Quartet, feat. Gege Munari. Also in 2019, he won the first prize for soloists in the Randazzo competition, Lyon’s club in Catania. He was also ranked second in the Massimo Urbani international competition.

In October 2019 he took part to the Johnny Raducanu International Jazz Contest, held in Romania, winning the award for best instrumental soloist.

In 2020, Rai radiotre broadcast the recording of the Our Monk concert, held in Prato, in which he was a guest as soloist of Mario Corvini’s New Talent Jazz Orchestra.

In June 2020 he was a finalist in the international Massimo Urbani award and again in 2020 he was awarded the European jazz award 2020 by the Tuscia in jazz festival.

In April 2021 on the occasion of the International Jazz Day he held a concert with the Vittorio Cuculo quartet feat. Gegè Munari for the Casa del jazz, streamed from the Petrassi room of the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome.

In May And September 2021, he recorded his second album, ENSEMBLE, released by WoW Records. Also in May 2021, he was the ex aequo winner of the Chicco Bettinardi national competition new talents of Italian jazz.

In July 2021, in duo with pianist Danilo Blaiotta, he performed on the stage of the Casa del Jazz, opening the Dee Dee BridgeWater concert.

In August 2021, he presented the work Ensemble, with his Vittorio Cuculo Quartet, at the Musica sulle Bocche festival, in Sardinia.

In September 2021 he performed at the kaffeehaus in Berlin, with the Ludovico Fulci Jazz Quintet.

In October 2021, in duo with the double bass player Enrico Mianulli, he performed at the EXPO 2020 Emma for Peace event in Dubai.

Also in October 2021, he participated in the studio recording of the album of the Alexanderplatz Jazz Orchestra conducted by Maestro Franco Piana, with the participation of Maestro Paolo Vivaldi.

In December 2021, as part of Tuscia in Jazz, the concert Vittorio Cuculo Quartet meets Fabrizio Bosso was held at the Teatro Francigena in Capranica.

Also in December he presented his second album Ensemble at the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

In January 2022 the Vittorio Cuculo Quartet meets the saxophonists of the Sabina Foronovana Philharmonic in a concert at the Alexanderplatz jazz club.

Also in January, the specialized magazine JAZZIT publishes an interview with him.

In April 2022, for the Casa del Jazz, Fondazione Musica per Roma, as part of the cultural event Pasqua nei Musei, the Capitoline superintendence of cultural heritage, he performed in duo with Enrico Mianulli at the Carlo Bilotti Museum in Rome.

In May 2022 he won the first prize in the Roma Jazz Contest competition.

In June 2022 he held the SAXOPHONE and JAZZ IMPROVISATION master class in Alliste (Lecce).

In July 2022 as part of the Anagni Jazz Festival he performed with the Vittorio Cuculo Quartet special guest Fabrizio Bosso.

Also in July, with the Alexanderplatz National Jazz Orchestra, he participated in the JAZZ & WINE event in Montalcino.

In August 2022, he participated in the New generation Jazz initiative, with Stefano Di Battista, at the Parco del Celio Colosseo, Rome.

Also in August 2022, in Castellana Grotte, he was a guest of the Pugliese Philharmonic Orchestra with the project Songs from 1938.

In September 2022 he took part in the Italian jazz initiative for The earthquakeland in L’Aquila, with the Alexanderplatz Jazz Orchestra.

In October 2022, in the Piacenza Jazz Festival, he performed as a quintet at the Milestone Club.

In October 2022, with the Alexanderplatz Jazz Orchestra and with the Augusteo Soloists he took part and closed the JAZZ IMAGE review, at the Colosseo in Rome.

Also in October 2022, as part of the Matera film festival event, directed by M.° Paolo Vivaldi, he was a guest of the Solisti dell’Augusteo.

In November 2022, in Castellana Grotte and in Taranto, he performes in duo with P. Corbascio and quartet in the Back Together project.

In December 2022 he take part as a saxophonist to the recording of Ludovico Fulci’s album, The meaning of you is, released by Alfamusic.

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